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502-504 New Cross Road, London, Greater London, SE14 6TJ

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"I am registered on Emis but the surgery has not given me, despite repeated requests, access to book an appointment only - this even if their voice answering machine says "You can now book an appointment online". I therefore have to phone them to get an appointment - and I usually have to wait a bit for someone to answer; I know the NHS is stretched and so I have been very patient regarding this.

About 10 days ago, I phoned the surgery for an appointment with the GP, for my back. I was happy because I was able to choose a time I preferred (after work); I even refused their offer of an earlier date - because they were all in the morning. To my surprise, when I went to the surgery today, I was told that I did not have an appointment. Obviously, the person who I spoke with on the phone failed to put my name in. I have been with this surgery for almost eight years and although this is the first time this happened, it was very stressful for me - because I had intended to see the GP not only for my back but also for my cough (which I have had for 25 days now).

I spoke to the receptionist to ask what my options were but was told that the next available appointment was in 10 days' time. The receptionist was not very helpful in discussing my options. Very much unlike the other receptionist, who is very helpful in telling me what I could do when there was no available GP appointment.

The doctors are nice and pleasant, when you get a chance to have an appointment with them. But the surgery is obviously already struggling in seeing patients quickly and they have to do something about this. A colleague who also lives in Lewisham said she never had any problems getting an urgent appointment with her surgery. I would have moved to her surgery, except that I do not live within their catchment area."
Anonymous, 6th March 2019


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