Milton Park Surgery

St Mary's Health Campus, Milton Road, Milton, Portsmouth, PO3 6DW

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"I booked an appointment for cry clinic which was fine - thank you. But I can never book an appointment for anything else. There are no appointments available so I don't know how I can see a doctor. I have MS and cannot understand why I can't see a doctor when I need to. To phone 1st thing in the morning is not possible for me as I work and will usually be driving when you insist calls for appointments are made. I can't accept personal calls at work and spend most of my time on the phone so a doctor cannot call me back. The last time I tried to get an appointment I had to take a day holiday just to wait for a call that never came in the end. You are not caring for your patients and this is not acceptable. We have decided to move away from the area as a consequence."
Cheryl V, 27th March 2020


The East Shore Partnership which is a legal partnership providing General Medical Services (further information on General Medical Services can be found by clicking on this link). Our clinicians undertake training of 3rd and 4th Year Medical Students from Southampton University, passing on their knowledge and experience.

Our aim is to provide excellent medical care to our patient population that is easily accessible and meets our patients’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We seek to be a positive influence in the life of the community we serve.

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