The Groves Medical Centre

171 Clarence Avenue, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 3TX

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"I had visited the Surgery and had been seen by one doctor and then, as the problem of a phlegmy wheeze returned I requested a call from a doctor and both placed me on a 5 day course of steroids.
At the end of the second treatment and no better I called again and, as an emergency review, met with one particular staff member. Very friendly and, in my opinion, a good 'table-side' manner which puts one at ease. Phrases such as lets get this sorted and how we can help you are very reassuring.
Given a steroid inhaler and symptoms cleared in 4-5 days, I should have left feedback then (sorry).
went back for review and had same experience as before.
Very reassured!"
Anonymous, 27th February 2019


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