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"Although i recently had a procedure and need to follow up with my dr i also have another problem developed from the procedure i cant get an appointment for a month (hopefully im not dying) the one available appointment is a working day but not for over 2 weeks (as i have had so much time off due to illness its difficult to tell my work place again that i need more time off advised by my work place (nhs run) to get appointments when im not working ...ha ! ) i cant take calls at work and the drs office cant book calls in advance (like 2 days time) i can keep phoning back .. assuming i can get through and then to be told the same . I can see another dr and have done just that several times in the past due to no choice, each and every time the dr has fobbed me off and told me to see my own dr as they know my case .. looks like catch 22 here ? one time (same problem getting appointments) my dr informed me that she has 'spare' appointments if i need one urgently good if they let reception know this .. i now have to arrange another i work appointment and face the wrath of work . If you want an appointment at the rycote practice make the appointment a month before youre ill ... and hope its nothing overlyh serious :/"
Anonymous, 26th February 2019


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